[Note: Thank you for keeping this page to yourself as you’ve indicated interest in learning to ChinaSpeak]

This is the first lesson of the course and is intended to show you HOW it’s taught and the way we help you to remember – instead of trying hard to painfully memorising it by rote.

The content and words and structures will get much more involved in just the next 2 lessons of many more]

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Some people watch this video and think – I already know how to say Hello – that’s not a problem. If you can construct your own full sentences comfortable using the Pillar Principles and the Golden rule to forming Sherlock questions – then this course probably isn’t for you. However this course can help you go way beyond simple greetings and some stock parrot phrases for specific situations.

Check out the reviews HERE from people from different backgrounds from those who’ve tried all sorts of materials to those new and open to learning to ChinaSpeak with fun and ease.