Mandarin or Cantonese – Which Should You Learn to Speak?

Mandarin or Cantonese ?

This is a real easy question to answer…

And all you have to do is answer ONE question – yep that’s it. Just one.

WHY do you want to learn to speak Chinese?

waiting for your answer here…

If you don’t know WHY and just want to learn for the helluvit – check out the other post Cantonese vs Mandarin. It goes into the differences of each.

Seriously though – you gotta ask yourself this question and answer it


Because when the going gets tough, you lose motivation, you’ll lose momentum, life starts getting in the way ra ra ra… you need your WHY to remind you, to inspire you and push you through otherwise it’ll be just another I wish

I’ll share my WHY with you.

Here’s my WHY

I’ve been learning Spanish. so WHY?

The first reason was because I wanted to go trek the Macchu Picchu in Peru. And they speak espanol alli.

Turns out we didn’t go to Peru but went to Mexico y Cuba instead – which also speak Espanol

I wanted to communicate with the locals – beyond the usual Cuanto cuesta? donde es el bano?

Not a good start to meeting the local person of the opposite sex when you start asking how much?… and where’s the bathroom?

Had a blast getting lost and hanging out with the local crew.

I wanted to learn to speak more Espanol so thought of a brilliant idea. Because I’m Chino, I sometimes pretended not to speak ingles. Lo siento, no hablo ingles. solo un poco.

Sure they machine-gunned a million words per minute but it was so much fun training and straining my ear and trying to get a gist of what they were trying to say.

I digress a little because I got so involved want to learn because of my WHYs

And I’d like you to have that kind of fuel, that kind of fire as well. Cos it’s not all going to be rosy, fun and games learning to speak Chinese – doesn’t matter if it’s Mandarin or Cantonese.

You need some nitro, rocket fuel to fire you up when you’re getting a little low and you will – especially when you try to slog through traditional learning grammar, rote memorisation material – erk!

So lemme know below – WHY do you want to even learn Chinese?!

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