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Frustrated trying to learn how to start speaking Mandarin Chinese?

FINALLY – a much more fun and easy course to start speaking Chinese fast – and in less than 100 key brick words

Using a simple method discovered by Alex C Foo, anyone can learn to speak Chinese quickly and easily… even if other courses have failed

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“Easily The Most Useful Hour I Have Spent With Anyone This Week”

“Dear Alex

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for taking the time to come and give the Virgin Team a very useful hour of your time.

It was Easily the most useful hour I have spent with anyone This week. Your teaching methods are innovative and importantly very Practical.

Right from outset we were able to construct simple sentences that will be immediately useful in our business dealings in China.

I look forward to continuing the sessions and also to receiving the audio CD’s to refresh each lesson.”

Yours sincerely,

David Baxby – CEO
Virgin Management Asia Pacific
Sydney, Australia – Shanghai, China

Dear Soon-to-be-Chinese Speaker,

Would you like to learn how to speak Chinese that could surprise a native speaker in the small amount of time spent learning?

Want the words to freely flow from your tongue instead of sounding like a slowed down, broken record because you’re constantly grasping for the correct grammar in your head?

Enough! The “traditional” way of teaching Chinese doesn’t work for most people – especially if you’re not in grade school or college anymore.

Even if you’ve tried to learn a language before and failed, now you can learn “real-world” Chinese quickly and easily. I am a language teacher and after years of using methods that just don’t cut it, I have finally developed a course, ChinaSpeak, that really works for the rest of us. (If you want to know my motivation, read the “about me” in the side panel.)

And here’s the best part: all you need to do is learn less than 100 words – more about this later. It will work for you if:

  • You’ve never spoken a word of Chinese
  • After endless courses and months or even years of study, you still can’t string a Chinese sentence together without a struggle
  • You need to learn the language quickly
  • You are over 40 and “learning isn’t as easy as it used to be”
  • You don’t want to spend countless hours worrying about grammar or sentence structure
  • Chinese has been difficult for you in the past
  • You don’t have a lot of time to devote to lessons

Now You Can Get By in Chinese
With less than 100 Words!

It’s crazy. So many people who want to speak Chinese end up not being able to speak at all. Yet, I have used my knowledge of languages to develop a simple formula that virtually assures your success.

All you need to do is learn less than 100 words. Then, I’ll show you how to use them so effectively that native Chinese speakers will be amazed at how easily you express yourself in their language.

Yes, I know it sounds incredible, maybe even too good to be true (just look at all of the unsolicited testimonials on this page to see that it works). Yet, when you experience the power of using patterns to multiply Chinese, you’ll know for sure that speaking Chinese is easily within your reach.

Once you’ve tried this approach you’ll wonder, “why haven’t I been shown this before?”

When you know the formula, it’s a piece of cake to make thousands of Chinese phrases from that small list of less than 100 words.

The secret lies in a simple method of combining Chinese words. A method that is very straightforward. In fact, with just a little effort you can master the entire system in as little as 25 days…

It Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are, Or What Experience You Have Had With Chinese, Now Communicating In Chinese Is Possible For You

  • Speak Chinese that will impress even a native – even if you feel like you’ve had a “mental block” with learning Chinese before
  • Learn how to connect with locals if you live in a Chinese-speaking country or the nearest Chinatown near you
  • Feel comfortable in real-world Chinese conversations – in as little as one month – much less time and effort than other courses
  • Avoid the traps that stop most people from finally speaking Chinese
  • Converse with your Chinese-speaking coworkers and neighbors
  • Travel to exotic China and Taiwan and experience the real flavor of the local culture
  • Teach your children or grandchildren to speak Chinese (the “most” widely spoken language in the world besides English)

Learn Just a Handful of Words and
Enhance Your Travel Experiences

You know, travel is so much more enriching when you have enough confidence in your Chinese to get away from the tourist traps. Instead of some plastic, made-for-the-masses, fake experience, you can soak up the hustle and vitality of China and Taiwan, as you interact and move freely among the locals.

Your new ability in Chinese is your passport to go where the tourists don’t go. It’s your ticket to having real conversations in Chinese for the very first time.

It’s like entering some secret club, with a hospitality you probably have never felt before. You’ll get extra attention in the restaurants

You’ll get tips on where to go to get the best quality authentic products. And of course, when you speak Chinese the prices are so much better.

Native Chinese speakers really appreciate your efforts to speak to them in their language. When people realize that you are not the typical ugly foreigner expecting “them” to speak English, you will be amazed how warmly you are treated.

If you work with Chinese speakers, or live in a Chinese-speaking country, then this course is even more important for you than it is for travelers. It has opened many doors for many people to connect with native Chinese speakers. It has even been responsible many marriage relationships…

[testimonial tessize=”small” style=”TA”]

[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”20″ color=”2B10DE” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]“…I was able to impress Jade’s mother a few days later
with what I had learnt!..

“Both my partner Jade and I were very impressed with Alex’s style of training and we enjoyed his laid back, friendly demeanor.

He is good because he leaves you with a sort of flexible question/answer combination that you can use to practice with one another. Also, the fact that he left us with no written notes (you do get these on request) actually motivated us to remember the words and I was able to impress Jade’s mother a few days later with what I had learnt!

Before being too skeptical, I recommend that you at least take the opportunity to experience his lessons.

– Herman Volpe
Sydney, Australia


It is always great to hear when people use my course to interact in the real world. Not everyone learns Chinese to show respect and speak with their Chinese in-laws; however there are many interesting ways my students have used their new-found ability in Chinese.

From Matt Venning’s “off the tourist path, home-hosted visit through China” to Marilyn’s new ability to communicate with the parents of her students who only speak Chinese. She’s a teacher herself and her feedback made me feel real happy, warm and fuzzy inside.

[testimonial testimonialimgurl=”” tessize=”small” style=”TA”]

[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”20″ color=”2B10DE” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]“I was concerned that it would be difficult to follow and i would get
lost in the language…[/font]

After going through Alex’s ChinaSpeak course, i found it was Very easy to follow and my chinese friends say my pronounciation is very good.

How Alex describes the way of trying to remember the mandarin word but using an english story.
ie: german girl, chocolate train, a beach of fun etc

i have found it very beneficial to improve my pronounciation and remeber words, for example if i get stuck on a word i remember Alex’s tale in relation to the word and it comes back to me.

Your stories are entertaining Alex and i think you are a funny guy which makes it easier to learn.

Xie Xie ni

– Matt Venning


[testimonial tessize=”small” style=”TA”]
[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”20″ color=”2B10DE” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]“What I have learned, I remember…

“Nihao Alex,

Nihao ma? Wa hun hao!

I haven’t had a lot of extra time to learn all of the greetings from the 1st modules, but what I have learned, I remember.

My Chinese students smile at my efforts. Yesterday, one of my bilingual kids asked me where I am learning Chinese. He is not shy. He said he will help me with my greetings. I really am pleased that I am learning.

Thank you for the bonus video–I watched it this morning and will practice. You are a good teacher!

In sincerity,

Marilyn Cassidy
(Marilyn is a teacher herself!)
Houston, Texas


I even got an email from Antida in Malta who works in… get this… a Chinese Cultural Centre!

[testimonial tessize=”small” style=”TA”]

[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”20″ color=”2B10DE” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]“Every day as I go in my office
I look forward to opening your emails…

“Ni Hao,Alex,

This centre is to promote the Chinese Culture in our Island. They give lessons in Chinese language.

Since I’ve been working here the Chinese offered me complimentary lessons.

But I have to stay after work and I don’t have that time. I have no time to come in the evening again after work and besides your lessons are very interesting and effective.

I like learning with you. Every day as I go in my office I look forward to opening your emails. They are so interesting.

Thaks alot for the new Chinese words you are teaching me. I’m getting along fine thanks to you.

It’s very interesting and exciting. So keep up the good work.


– Antida Troisi
Malta Chinese Cultural Centre CCC


There are many more stories. In fact, I get letters everyday from people who are delighted to be communicating in Chinese for the first time. Check out the letters from other ChinaSpeakers on the sidebar as well.

[testimonial testimonialimgurl=”” tessize=”small” style=”TA”]

[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”20″ color=”2B10DE” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]“Even Months After The Course Finished, I Can Still Remember Whole Sentences!”

I went into the ChinaSpeak courses thinking that it would be a little difficult to achieve some of the claims that were advertised, such as to be able to actually speak a sentence after one hour (and actually remember it for days afterwards!)

However I was greatly surprised to discover that not only did I learn Chinese at an astonishing rate, I really enjoyed myself and was able to speak confidently in Chinese quite quickly. Even months after the course finished, I can still remember whole sentences!

Alex is really an amazing teacher and I owe him so much for helping me learn this difficult language! His teaching style and methods really help students to grasp and remember many useful words and sentence patterns.

I can now speak simple sentences with my Chinese friends comfortably, and I truly look forward to learning more from ChinaSpeak courses.

Alex has really sparked a determination in me to continue trying to master this language! I want to travel to China someday to test my speaking abilities, and it is my dream job to work with languages.

Thank you Alex for starting me along the path to learning Chinese!

Advice to readers: Just relax and feel comfortable during these courses, they don’t require intense study to learn this at all – it’s a very natural learning process that is simultaneously enjoyable.

Also if you get the chance to practice your newfound skills outside of the ChinaSpeak environment, such as with friends, go for it! It’s a great way to reiterate what you have learnt…

– Riana Young


All the people decided to write and thank me because they were delighted to finally communicate in Chinese – and ChinaSpeak finally made it possible for them.

How does this Chinese Course help you speak so quickly?

Most courses teach you grammar in chunks. You learn adverbs and qualifiers today, the subjunctive tomorrow, the progressive the day after that. Most of the time, you’re just confused.

You never make free-flowing sentences, and if you do manage to speak at all, it feels unnatural and stilted.

Not only is this antiquated method of teaching grueling for the students, but it’s horrible for the teachers as well. You’d be amazed how many teachers hate grammar-based methods. Yet, they have to teach it, because it is part of the curriculum.

What’s worse? Grammar-based methods almost never work

If it did work, millions of people would speak Chinese as a second language. Yet, very few people are able to use their classroom Chinese to communicate.

In fact, if you have tried to learn Chinese already and failed, it’s not your fault. The fault lies in the ineffective methods that you have been exposed to.

You see, studies show that these grammar-based methods of teaching language fail 95% of the time. Notice, I didn’t say, “95% of people fail to learn Chinese”.

You didn’t fail, the method failed.

[testimonial tessize=”small” style=”TA”]

[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”20″ color=”2B10DE” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]I have bought several Chinese language books, tapes and CD’s in the past

“Hi Alex,

Yes, I have received all the audios and videos…
thanks for asking. I have started the lessons and they are great.

I have bought several Chinese language books, tapes and CD’s in the past but have made very little progress trying to learn to speak,read and write all at once.

However, with your lessons and methods, the language is actually sinking in!!!


– Shelley Higgs
Brisbane, Queensland – Australia


The reason you can’t yet communicate in Chinese has nothing to do with memorizing another verb tense and all its conjugations, learning the subjunctive, the Chinese verb to be, or any of that grammar stuff.

None of that will make a scrap of difference in your ability to communicate”

If you are a beginner, learning more grammar may even make your communication worse. You see, with too much analysis of grammar you become hesitant when you speak. Your mind focuses on rules instead of flowing along with the conversation.
Fortunately, there is an easier way.

It’s Simply Astonishing How Well You’ll Express Yourself

You may be wondering, “but I already know a lot more than 100 Chinese words and I can’t communicate para nada (at all)”. Again, it’s not your fault. The fault lies in the methods you have been taught.

Chinese words are usually taught in lists. The lists are based on a theme. This is a really easy and fast way to build a Chinese course. But it is next to useless for communicating.

If I created my courses this way, it would take me a few days instead of the best part of a year to make a course. I guess those courses make sense for the publisher’s business interests, however, as a way for you to connect with people in Chinese…

Forget about it!

Let me explain why it doesn’t work and what you can do about it. Here’s what usually happens with word lists. First day you learn words related to a theme e.g. animals. So you learn the Chinese words for goat, pig, donkey, horse, saddle, bridle, tiger, lion, zoo, etc.

Next day’s theme is furniture: bed, sofa, table, chair, armchair, cupboard, toy box etc. If you learn 10 words a day then after three days 10+10+10 = 30 words

Now you know 30 words. That’s better than 3 days ago, but can you go out and communicate in the Chinese world?

Not really.

What would you say? Dog cat armchair or pig saddle sofa?

[font family=”ahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif” size=”16″ color=”0000ff” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]”On the other hand, when you multiply Chinese 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 phrase combinations
you can use at will to express yourself.

The result is the difference between dog pig monkey vs.
wo xihuan qu Beijing chi kaoya
(I like going to Beijing to eat Roast Duck)”

By using combinations, you speak in real Chinese sentences in next to no time.

In fact, the example sentence is from lesson 10 of ChinaSpeak. You easily make sentences like this and many more by lesson 10. Best of all, you can finish these lessons in just a few hours.

This is the most powerful secret for your successful communication in Chinese

Instead of learning thematic words-lists that make you sound like a cave man, you discover patterns that multiply Chinese. Then the words flow naturally into Chinese phrases you can use any time you want.

[testimonial tessize=”small” style=”TA”]
[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”20″ color=”2B10DE” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]I have bought several Chinese language books, tapes and CD’s in the past

“Video lessons were very helpful – learning individual Mandarin words and putting them together into different sentences and contexts reinforced the words and was a lot easier than rote learning.

Using imagery helped the words stick in my mind!

MP3’s were much better than Berlitz. They went more slowly and supported the video lessons.

It was great to go to dinner – put it into context and speaking to the waiters made it more realistic.

Overall a great experience!

Occupational Therapist
Perth, Australia


You Can’t Possibly Fail, No Matter What Your Past Experience With Learning Chinese

Perhaps you too know what it feels like to study Chinese without finding any success in communicating. If you haven’t achieved the results you wanted, don’t worry, I have great news; you’ll speak in flowing sentences even before you finish the 7th lesson… By lesson 13, you’ll be a speaking Chinese with real confidence everywhere you go.

[font family=”ahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif” size=”20″ color=”0000ff” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]The ChinaSpeak System – Your Success is as Easy As One, Two, Three![/font]

When you order ChinaSpeak, you will get the three essential ingredients necessary to give you command of the Chinese Language.

ChinaSpeak SilverSpeak Video Lessons
ChinaSpeak SilverSpeak Audio Ear Training Tracks
Bonus Personal ChinaSpeak Coaching from Alex if needed

[banner bannertext=”What’s Included Inside…” bannersize=”small” bannerno=”1″ style=”GC”]This course gives you everything you need to master the foundation of your Chinese speaking success, the ChinaSpeak Flow Verbs and Brick and Mortar words.

You learn the secrets to speaking freely and expressively as you discover how to combine Chinese words into fluent sentences. You’ll also learn…

  • What to focus on for Chinese success from the first day – if you’re serious about using your Chinese in the real world
  • Why learners who focus on minor points of grammar generally fail miserably in real world Chinese communication
  • The memory techniques that will take you from from failure to success in Chinese
  • How to learn Chinese words 4 or 5 times faster with less effort
  • Chinese multipliers: These easy multipliers instantly boost your ability to interact with anyone
  • How to make a good first impression every time
  • A simple mistake language students make that causes tension when speaking to natives – why it happens and how to avoid it…and make people warm up to you instead
  • Why being bold is almost always more important than being perfect…make the most effective use of your Chinese every time
  • Simple sentences-starters & sentences-builders: Multiply your power of communication in Chinese with simple patterns you can use right away
  • Fend off bad habits with easy-to-understand accuracy pointers. Start on the right foot and make a habit of speaking Chinese well
  • How to maximize and multiply your Chinese. You’ll discover why most Chinese courses cover too many topics. They overload you and leave you not knowing how to use anything. Instead, you’ll master the most important parts of Chinese and have much more power to communicate in less time with less effort[/banner]

[banner bannertext=”Interactive VIDEO Lessons” bannersize=”small” bannerno=”2″ style=”GC”]
ChinaSpeak Mandarin Chinese video lessons

Have you ever listened to a language lesson and felt totally lost?

So many courses have long dialogs or situations with Chinese spoken very fast right from the first lesson. Somehow you are expected to magically learn Chinese by listening to something you can’t understand.

The video lessons in ChinaSpeak are designed to actively involve you in your learning. They build up in steps, so you never feel lost. You gradually use more words, in more patterns.

It’s always enjoyable and stimulating as you express more with each lesson. In fact, some of my students describe it as, “so much fun it’s addictive”. (In a healthy and enjoyable way, of course.) They even feel a little sad when they finish the course as they miss their lessons.

Sure sounds better than being bored or confused, doesn’t it? If you have tried other audio systems and have been at a complete loss, take heart, this will be a very different experience.

Instead of boredom, confusion and frustration you’ll…

  • Quickly go from your first words to your first sentences… Even if you have never learned a word of Chinese, you will go from zero to real communication in no time. You’ll be making real Chinese sentences in your first audio lesson, which will take you less than 10 minutes to finish
  • Use the most powerful, useful and fluid combinations of Chinese words. You can’t overuse them. Native Chinese speakers instantly understand them. Most people never find out how to use this easy and fast way to interact with the Chinese world. Yet, it is so simple to use, once you are shown
  • Step by step instructions for articulate Chinese with less than 100 words. You master the words and patterns completely. That mastery gives you the ability to express yourself articulately and speak with confidence and fluidity anywhere you go
  • The ultimate Chinese implementation system. Throughout each lesson you get immediate feedback. You know when you are doing well, and if you’re not getting it right, just repeat the lesson. In no time, you’ll be ready to step away from the course and use your Chinese in real-world situations
  • Each lesson is an engaging average of 15-20 minutes. Practice speaking Chinese clearly in real sentences that’ll be understood wherever you go in the Chinese-speaking world
  • You can practice without pressure or stress in your car or at home. Each lesson builds onto the previous one. Almost without effort your Chinese gets better and better
  • Best of all, it’s fun; it’s engaging and never boring because you enjoy the interaction. It leaves you wanting to do more. You are inspired to know that every time you use the lessons your Chinese improves. You’ll be delighted to hear yourself say so much Chinese from the handful of easily learned patterns[/banner]

[banner bannertext=”Ear Training AUDIO Lessons” bannersize=”small” bannerno=”3″ style=”GC”]
ChinaSpeak mandarin chinese audio lesson tracks

Not only do you have me in front of you guiding you step-by-step building a strong foundation to building sentences and questions. You also get…

  • Carefully designed short audio tracks to train your ear
  • with accents from different regions of China
  • and also new words and vocabulary as well[/banner]

[banner bannertext=”BONUS Coaching” bannersize=”small” bannerno=”” style=”RB”]
alex photoSilverSpeak is a very easy course to get through, and for the most part your learning will seem effortless. But what happens if you do get stuck on some part of the course?

In most Chinese courses that’s where you would stop and never get to speak Chinese. Not so with ChinaSpeak, I am going to make sure you experience the thrill of speaking Chinese for the first time.

As you can probably tell, I’m not some big inhuman corporation to “love you and leave you”. I won’t take your money and run. I am one guy with a passion for Chinese and a gift for teaching. I am your Chinese communication coach.

Should you hit a roadblock, I am here to help you, just send me an email. Use it as a lifeline. I’ll get you through, so you achieve your goal of speaking Chinese.

This Bonus alone is worth at least $85 because when corporates hire me to go in and train their executives, it’s at least $300 an hour. That’s how effective the results you’ll get.

Frankly, most people never need to use this feature. The video lessons combined with the audio tracks are so easy to follow you’ll find learning to speak a very smooth process.

Nonetheless, isn’t it good to know you are not on your own and that help is available if you need it?[/banner]

So why not take action to bring Chinese into your life right now? I am so confident you will enjoy wonderful success with this language, just like my other students that you read about, I am going to offer you the most secure guarantee you could ever wish for.

[guarantee style=”3″ title=”60 Day Speaking Guarantee” tag=”h1″ name=”Alex – ChinaSpeak” text=”custom”] Use ChinaSpeak for a full 60 days, interact with the lessons, then go and talk to your Chinese-speaking amigos. If they are not amazed at your new ability to communicate, if you are not thrilled with your new confidence with Chinese, or if you are not 100% delighted with how easy communicating in Chinese has become, I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked [/guarantee]

[guarantee style=”TT” gtysize=”small”]

[font family=”ahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif” size=”20″ color=”0000ff” textshadow=”1″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]60 Day Speaking Guarantee[/font]

Use ChinaSpeak for a full 60 days, interact with the lessons, then go and talk to your Chinese-speaking amigos.

If they are not amazed at your new ability to communicate, if you are not thrilled with your new confidence with Chinese, or if you are not 100% delighted with how easy communicating in Chinese has become, please let me know!

I WANT to give you your money back because I haven’t helped you and don’t deserve your money

– Alex

alex photo


How much time have you already put into trying to learn Chinese? How much money have you invested? How disappointed have you felt about not being able to speak Chinese?

Take this adventure with me and I won’t waste your time. I’ll get you started quickly and succeeding with Chinese you can use right away.

Plus, I won’t teach you classroom theory that nobody speaks anymore. I show you how to start speaking real world Chinese within minutes of starting your first lesson. I live and breathe using and teaching Chinese and that’s exactly what I will pass on to you, Chinese for you to use in the real world today.

If you have ever wanted to speak Chinese, you can join the hundreds of successful students that I have already taught using this incredibly simple method. There is nothing standing in your way, all you have to do is click below now:

[font family=”ahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif” size=”20″ color=”0000ff” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]Click Below to Get SilverSpeak Instantly
Only $77[/font]

[buybutton style=”48.png” linkingurl=”” windowtype=”_blank”]

Download Your Chinese Lessons Instantly
Even If It’s 2am

So can I play the ChinaSpeak lessons, video and audio, anytime anywhere with NO Internet Connection?

In short, YES Of course!

I personally find it a royal pain in the backside that a lot of courses force you to have an internet connection and log into their website to access the lessons. Depending on where I am, I sometimes don’t have internet connection or its slow or just darn expensive! I’ve got you covered.

That’s why after you decide to buy your ChinaSpeak course, you will get an email with access to your member’s page where you can access and download all the video lessons AND the audio ear training tracks.

You can play the videos and audios on your computer, or if you prefer to learn away from your computer you can burn them to CD or transfer them to a portable device like your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player.

ChinaSpeak mandarin chinese course iphone ipad computer

These can be your iphone, HTC Motorola, Samsung or an MP3 player like iPod, table like ipad. (This is a really great way to learn. I love my smartphone; they’re fantastic!)

That way, you can learn Chinese while you drive, walk or just in any comfortable place that you enjoy. More details here…

You can learn Chinese wherever you use your device, It’s a great way to turn downtime, like driving or doing chores, into super effective time. Like one of my students said “I don’t even notice the traffic in Los Angeles while driving home” and another student in Scotland learns on his bus ride home. So, while the rest of the world is listening to mindless drivel on the radio or just zoning out, why not gain new skills and start communicating in Chinese? More details here…

If you have any questions at all, just drop me a line HERE

See you on the other side and speak Chinese soon!


Alex Foo

alex photo

[font family=”ahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif” size=”20″ color=”0000ff” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]Click Below to Get SilverSpeak Instantly
Only $77 – Full 60 Day Speaking Guarantee[/font]

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[testimonial testimonialimgurl=”” tessize=”small” style=”TA”]

[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”20″ color=”2B10DE” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]“Like anything on the internet from someone you do not know, I was concerned about the quality of the course material…[/font]
I viewed your practice lesson teaching us 3 words (the Nihao video) and was convinced you were the teacher I wanted.

After buying your course, I can speak Chinese! I absorbed the lessons very quickly.

I rarely played them twice, your teaching method of word association worked amazingly well for me.

I also found what a nice guy you are, your personal note and trinket in the package made it that much more personal and special.

I also found how much my Chinese friends loved me being able to speak a bit!

I liked everything in the course to be honest, I was sad to be out of lessons!

Specifically, I have to again say the way you associate an English word to a Chinese word. No-one else that I have met does that.

It was really enjoyable, I have never enjoyed language studies as I never related to the material.

You speak slowly, clearly and give us a chance to repeat with you. Really helped to absorb.

You teach really practical things, it was all applicable and put to use right away.

I absolutely would recommend ChinaSpeak. It made learning Chinese so much fun I wanted to keep learning. I saw so much progress in myself and my Chinese friends agreed!

ChinaSpeak is by far the best language system I have ever seen, and I have tried many!

I would love to see more course packages added, my thirst for learning is far from quenched.

After completing my course I did not know where to turn for additional instruction.


– Greg Merrick


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