How to say Happy Chinese New Year in ChinaSpeak

[leadplayer_vid id=”5115CEC3E3C43″] This ChinaSpeak video was made panda-friendly NO CHEATING! cheeky monkey! Watch the video first to train your ears and mouth before looking at the pinyin phonetics below: [spoilergroup] [spoiler intro=”Happy Chinese New year” title=”Mandarin Chinese phonetics pinyin spelling”]XinNian KuaiLe[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”May you EXPLODE in wealth” title=”Mandarin Chinese phonetics pinyin spelling”]Gongxi Facai[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Wishing … Read more

Cantonese vs Mandarin – Which Should You Learn?

So you’re thinking of learning to speak Chinese… and as you dive deeper, you learn that there are actually different languages of Chinese, ie dialects. So Cantonese vs Mandarin – Which should you start to learn to speak? A usual post will go into the pros and cons but I like to take a step … Read more