Here’s what us Chinese get up to when there’s a Full Moon at this time of the year… (like the wolves…)

So what do us Crazy Chinese get up to when the Full Moon comes up at this time of the year? Here’s a video showing exactly that: [leadplayer_vid id=”523678106FEA3″]   When the Moon cake festival comes round, it’s a given that our family all get together for dinner, light up the lanterns and go for … Read more

The 4 Core Language Principles ChinaSpeak works on

I’ve been thinking of making an entertaining video to explain why traditional chinese language classes are usually a big FAIL [leadplayer_vid id=”5064250CEDA66″] Yes, the video is made by another company who has quite a fair few marketing muscles and dollars to create this. Much better than me as a talking head to convey essentially the … Read more

Here’s How to Cheer On Your Favourite Sports Team in ChinaSpeak

[leadplayer_vid id=”5023E9B347105″] I love playing badminton personally – more than twice a week if I’m allowed plus also the occasional soccer, i mean, football friendly and general workouts Here’s an interesting fact: apparently badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world. I know firsthand… Maybe that’s why I got hit square in the eye … Read more