How to say Happy Chinese New Year in ChinaSpeak

[leadplayer_vid id=”5115CEC3E3C43″] This ChinaSpeak video was made panda-friendly NO CHEATING! cheeky monkey! Watch the video first to train your ears and mouth before looking at the pinyin phonetics below: [spoilergroup] [spoiler intro=”Happy Chinese New year” title=”Mandarin Chinese phonetics pinyin spelling”]XinNian KuaiLe[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”May you EXPLODE in wealth” title=”Mandarin Chinese phonetics pinyin spelling”]Gongxi Facai[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Wishing … Read more

Here’s How to Cheer On Your Favourite Sports Team in ChinaSpeak

[leadplayer_vid id=”5023E9B347105″] I love playing badminton personally – more than twice a week if I’m allowed plus also the occasional soccer, i mean, football friendly and general workouts Here’s an interesting fact: apparently badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world. I know firsthand… Maybe that’s why I got hit square in the eye … Read more