Here’s what us Chinese get up to when there’s a Full Moon at this time of the year… (like the wolves…)

So what do us Crazy Chinese get up to when the Full Moon comes up at this time of the year?

Here’s a video showing exactly that:

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When the Moon cake festival comes round, it’s a given that our family all get together for dinner, light up the lanterns and go for an evening stroll under the bright moon-lit night sky. You don’t know how happy this makes my mama when we do this! =)

The Legend and stories behind the Moon Cake Festival

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So after the stroll, gazing at the full moon, it comes to my favourite part of the evening… we dig into the desserts – also known as Moon Cakes!

Just like Christmas and Easter, it’s become pretty commercialised with the flavours and range of moon cakes going even more and more exotic. And the packaging – WOW. Asians know how to package!

So don’t be surprised just how much they’ll cost for four of em

One good thing though – just like the Easter egg sales and Post Christmas clearance, the moon cakes all go down in price right after the Mid Autumn Festival as all the groceries stores want to offload their stock

So enjoy the Full Moon my friend and if you do have any let me know below what flavour Moon Cakes you like!

Red bean? Green Bean?
With or without egg yolk?



4 thoughts on “Here’s what us Chinese get up to when there’s a Full Moon at this time of the year… (like the wolves…)”

  1. Awoke in the hotel at night seeing a lovely full moon, the hotel owner gave me a nice redbox of moon cakes next morning.
    Are’nt they sweet, but most interesting?
    Didn’t much care for the eggy one though.
    I’ll take two back to England when I go and test them on my family, see what they say!
    Thankyou for Chinese all the friends I’ve made during my stay in Nanning.

    • I absolutely LOVE the egg yolk ones Alan. Remind me to have moon cake with you next time mate! We fight over them at home! Hopefully you were OK to take them back home to the UK via customs. I know Aussie customs would have a Fit with their strict quarantine laws.

  2. 祝你和你的家人中秋快乐!

    A very beautiful moonrise here tonight, which we watched from our dinner table while sharing our evening meal!

    Red bean with 2 egg yolks please!



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