3 Ways to see if your Chinese Tutor is qualified Awseome to help you learn Chinese

Hiring a Mandarin Tutor costs not only money but even more importantly your valuable time as well!

So here are 3 ways to tell if your Chinese teacher or tutor is qualified to help you:

  1. Does your Mandarin tutor hold an official looking piece of parchment scrawled with the Bachelor/Masters Degree of Mandarin Chinese Teaching as a Foreign Language?
  2. Are they registered with the almighty powerful International Association of Mandarin Chinese Teachers, Tutors and Trainers?
  3. Has he or she completed their annual professional development training and minimum logged hours?
If your Chinese tutor has absolutely ZERO of the above…


I have a confession to make. The above list was made tongue in cheek…

And I personally have NONE of the above.

So are all University qualified Mandarin teachers crap ?…

No, of course not and I’m not saying that you should never ever touch one with a pole ever in your whole life.

But that it’s NOT the paper the Mandarin Teacher holds that matters

Here are the real 3 criteria I take…

… when hiring a Chinese Tutor on board to help me out with by Chinese learning:

  1. Do they listen to you?
  2. Do you enjoy our sessions together?
  3. Are you making progress towards your learning goal?

 Do they listen to you?

A good Chinese teacher will listen to you. They will hear what your needs are and answer all the questions you have. And there is no such thing as a silly question.

Do you enjoy your Chinese learning lessons?

WARNING WARNING if you loathe and dread going to your tutor sessions. Get out of Dodge if that’s the case.

FUN is the lubricant of 90% of all learning. The more Fun you get, the more you want right?

Are you moving towards your Chinese learning goal?

Let’s face it. Your best friend listens to you and is fun to be around.

But they’re probably not helping you towards your goal of learning Chinese, be it conversational speaking or reading and writing.

If you’re making measurable progress – then CONGRATULATIONS! – you’ve now really found your Awesome Tutor

So what other things do you look for in your Mandarin Tutor?

Look forward to reading your comments below:


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