Do you get this kick and rush when you start speaking Chinese?

I help out and work part-time ocassionally in retail. Unfortunately ChinaSpeak doesn’t pay for all my bills ๐Ÿ™

And one of the great things about retail is that you get to meet real people!

As you probably know, I like dabbling in a lot of languages and Espanol – Spanish is one that I’m more interested in – language, people, food – Bueno!

So like what I encourage you and all ChinaSpeakers to do is to start speaking! to whatever native speaker you come across.

I know the fear of speaking but I also know the satisfying rush I get from actually communicating to someone else in their own tongue and how they open up and smile so much.

Just the other day, there was this genteel couple and the gentleman wanted to ask me a question and was speaking English slowly and hesitantly. I got the feeling they were latino-americanos so I asked “Hablas Espanol?”…

and DING, we’re off to the races!

Sure I wasn’t rattling my head off – but I could string together the questions and answers to help them out – with the help of my trusty smartphone of course!

So now they’ve gone. Helped them get what they need and be on their merry way

And I’ve got a headrush – and I’m on a high – grinning from cheek to cheek


So tell me, what happens when you start ChinaSpeaking?!

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