Very First Members Vault Lesson

This is the very first Member Vault Lesson

If you don’t see video lesson immediately below and download link, it means you don’t have access to the Members Vault of hundreds of practical video lessons yet. To get access, consider joining the Members Vault. More info here

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FINALLY got the first video lesson up!

The mic i bought and waited for was a flop and waste of time and money

So had to think of other ways to make a good quality video lesson for you

I’ve invested a lot of time by listening to a lot of feedback.

As requested, video lesson now has:

  1. the pinyin phonetics of new key words
  2. crisp sound quality
  3. good video quality
  4. smaller file size
  5. universal video file format
  6. can be played on both Apples, Window computers
  7. can be played on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets like iphone, ipad
  8. still retained the video summary

Before I go on and spend a heap of time editing other video lessons, PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think in the comments below





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