Project XJ Feedback – Video Lesson 1


FINALLY got the first video lesson up!

The mic i bought and waited for was a flop and waste of time and money

the supposedly “easy” membership script I bought wasn’t and gave these technical errors


So I’m very sorry for the wait – darn frustrating for me too

So had to think of other ways to make a good quality video lesson for you

I’ve invested a lot of time to listening to a lot of feedback and then figuring out the design of the lesson which would best achieve those needs.

On a more practical note as requested, video lesson now has:

  1. the pinyin phonetics of new key words
  2. crisp sound quality
  3. good video quality
  4. smaller file size
  5. universal video file format
  6. can be played on both Apples, Window computers
  7. can be played on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets like iphone, ipad
  8. still retained the video summary

To get your video,

First log into your account HERE
(If you’ve forgotten your password, it can be emailed to you again)

Then you can download the video lesson from the following link from the time being if you haven’t already:

It’s pretty straightforward.

If any hiccups, just give me a call directly O43Z 7I5 656

= = =

Before I go on and spend a heap of time editing other video lessons, PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think in the comments below

I’m very keen to hear what you REALLY think – mud and all – cos I want to make these lessons as effective for you as possible



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  1. Nihao Alex,
    I really enjoyed this 1st Project XJ lesson , and adding the Pinyin is really great to see, it helps to learn heaps so I hope you keep on with it.
    Your style is great to learn from and I cant wait for the next lesson Regards Marion

  2. Alex, thank god you stepped right in this time to the actual learning. I was worried that i would have to sit through the 3 bell sounds and be comfortable sitting on the third of the chair 🙂 LOL… …just kidding with you, but seriously, now that we know how to concentrate and learn, lets dive straight in. Just love your teaching style. I ALWAYS remember the words when I learn from you. Trouble is, when I hear mandarin being spoken by native Chinese people, they are half way through their next sentence before i realise that there were words in the previous sentence that I recognised. For example, i watch world movies on foxtel every time there is a chinese movie. When i read the english sub titles, I see many words that I should have recognised in mandaring, so I have to rewind and watch again and again to understand how I missed those words. It’s because, when the words that i know, are spoken in a sentence with words that I don’t know, my brain disregards everything…..arrrggghhh….. Am I explaining myself clearly? Sorry for the long response….

    P.S Would love to learn some good old fashioned chinese slang. I find that my communication with chinese people is sometimes taken with amusement because I am talking to correct…or too literal….too formal.

    Ta (slang for thanks)

    1. Hey Rob – yeah I figured that taking out the meditation would speed things up a bit. After all we don’t want you dreaming away while driving right? 🙂

      xiexie for the feedback. Glad to hear the style is helping you remember the words.

      On the note of listening to conversation. That’s part of the continuing goal of Project XJ lessons, even though I haven’t said it explicitly, where you’re armed with the core string words so you can start getting the “gist” of what is said. More vocab is needed though and I strongly suggest people learn relevant vocab words to their needs when they have time. I know. flashcard and lists aint fun 🙁 which is why I’m not a fan of em

      Re slang, I can teach the core ones in future lessons which are pretty common across all provinces. As you probably know. each region has their own dialect and slang and it’s not efficient to try and learn specific ones for a wider general audience

      Stay tuned for next lessons

  3. Alex,
    Loved the new format. In particular I liked the addition of the pinyin that really helped to hear exactly the sound you’re making with the new words. More of that please! (Every new word perhaps?). The characters also are good, I hope eventually I might recognise them. Looking forward to next lesson when you’re ready,

    1. xiexie nide feedback Jane! Awesome that you’re finding the pinyin helpful. It has been a BIG request 🙂 I was a little hesitant adding the Chinese characters (even though it’s not a focus of ChinaSPEAK) cos a lotta people get real intimidated by them. But at the same time, like you say, wanted to put them there to help those who may want to go the extra mile and learn characters as well down the road. I’ll start chippin away at the next lessons. I’ll try and put as much pinyin as possible for the Core important words. Working on the 80/20 rule here – 80% results for you guys for not overly excessive effort cos i know my perfectionitist will get the better of me and you guys will be getting one lesson a year! and we dont want that! 😛 stay tuned…

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