Here’s How to Cheer On Your Favourite Sports Team in ChinaSpeak

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I love playing badminton personally – more than twice a week if I’m allowed
plus also the occasional soccer, i mean, football friendly and general workouts

Here’s an interesting fact: apparently badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world.

I know firsthand…

Maybe that’s why I got hit square in the eye once….by a cock

but that’s another embarassing story

I’ve only been recently following the game closer (dunno about you, but I generally prefer PLAYING a sport rather than just watching it)

It would be great to hear your thoughts/comments below:

What’s Your Favourite Sports?

Who do you root for?

What’s your interest in learning Chinese?


7 thoughts on “Here’s How to Cheer On Your Favourite Sports Team in ChinaSpeak”

  1. awesome video, very easy to understand and makes it fun to learn. I am in New Zealand and it is great to hear the chinese version of New Zealand.


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