My mission with ChinaSpeak is to help you start speaking Mandarin Chinese fast – within 58 minutes – where you may have had trouble and frustrations before.

That’s my personal GUARANTEE

I know some testimonials may be hard to believe on websites (heck – whenever I go online shopping, I’m the same) so here are some back at the very beginning from ebay for a very basic beginner ChinaSpeak course (can’t fake these):

ChinaSpeak 100% Ebay reviews

and a personal letter from VIRGIN CEO as well as others from the original but still active ChinaSpeak website:

More ChinaSpeak testimonials and feedback

If in doubt, just email or call me if you have any questions

ChinaSpeak isn’t for everyone but if you want to start speaking PRACTICAL Chinese – then the ChinaSpeak courses can help you if you decide to join us.

For different interactive Chinese video and audio course lessons, check them out HERE

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